How To Play Roulette

Hi I’m Kelly from Casino Rama Resort. Today we’re going to learn how to play roulette. So how do you play roulette? Well the first thing that you want to do is come up to a table with your cash or gaming chips and buy in at the roulette table.

There are a lot of players who play this game so you need to buy in for a non value colour and that way we can distinguish who has winning bets on the table. Now you can buy in for different increments of chips: $1.00 chips, $5 chips, $25 chips $100 chips and $500 chips. So today we’re gonna buy in for $1.00 chips. The dealer will exchange your money for non value and give you your money to play with.

Now how do you play the game? The way we play roulette is the dealer will spin the ball and the ball will land in one winning number. That’s all you have to do, is pick the winning number. But there’s many different places that you can bet on a roulette table. So let’s cover our different bets.

The first bets are called the outside bets. We have our column bets. It covers the three roulette columns on the board. Each column pays two to one. We also have our even money bets. Numbers 19 to 36.

Odd numbers, black numbers, red numbers, even numbers, 1 to 18. They pay one to one. We also have our dozens – our first dozen, second dozen and third dozen. Any wagers on those dozens pay two to one. So we’re playing on a $10 table.

Each wager in those boxes must be $10. We have $1 chips, so you must place $10 in these boxes. I like the first first column, so I’m going to put $10 in the first column. I like black numbers. I’m going to put $10 on black numbers and I also like even numbers. So I’m going to put $10 on my even numbers.

So those are the outside wagers. How do we place bets on our favourite numbers. Well if it’s a $10 table, you can place ten dollars anywhere on the inside numbers. There are 36 numbers in total plus a zero and a double zero. The wagers that you can place on these numbers are: A line bet.

The line bet covers six numbers, it pays five to one. We have a Street. A street bet covers three numbers and it pays eleven to one.

We also have a corner bet. A corner bet covers four numbers and it pays eight to one. we also have a split. A split covers two numbers and it pays seventeen to one. And we also have our straight up.

Our straight up wager is covering one number and one number only and it pays 35 to one. So in order to cover the table minimum, we just need to play casino games here and spread ten chips over any one of these wagers. So let’s start to place our wagers around some of these bets. Spin the ball and see what wins. So the dealer will pick up the ball and give it a good spin. You still have time to place your bets while the ball is spinning.

The dealer will then call no more bets and we’ll wait to see what our winning number is. 25 red and odd. That’s our winning number.

So the dealer will collect losing outside wagers. This is the first column, 25 is in the first column, that’s a winning wager, it will stay. 25 is a red number, so my black wager comes in and 25 is an odd number, so my even wager will come in. Now the dealer will isolate the winning number and clear any of the losing chips away leaving the winning bets on the table.

Now if you can’t count, don’t worry, the dealer does all of the work for you. So let’s go over what this bet will win. These two wagers pay five to one, so we have ten dollars or ten pieces here. This is eight for 18, and these two pay thirty four and the straight up pays 35. So if we do the math, we are going to pay forty five… seventy nine… eighty seven pieces. So you’re going to win $87 on this bet.

What the dealer will do first is pay the outside winning and then come in and pay your winning inside numbers. The dealer will prepare the chips. 87 pieces, and push out your winnings. And that’s how you play the game.

Now if you want to leave, all you need to do is push all your chips back to the dealer and the dealer will change them for value chips. These chips only have value at this table. So you’ll give the dealer your money, exchange the chips, $47. And there you go. And that’s how you play roulette.