About Us

Chile makes some delicious, great value wines but also has the potential to produce wines of greater complexity and depth. Michel Laroche and Jorge Coderch met each other through Simon Farr, to create a joint venture dedicated to producing expressive wines from the best vineyards in the country.

Michel Laroche & Jorge CoderchMichel Laroche combines the very best of modern winemaking innovation with an innate understanding of a viticultural region’s terroir, history and traditions. But he also has an unquenchable thirst for new projects that stretch his winemaking knowledge. After extensive research, he decided that Chile had the greatest potential, most of it unexploited, to make superior fine wines.

Jorge Coderch is one of the great characters of the Chilean wine industry: his local nickname Caballo Loco (Crazy Horse) testifies to his energy and dynamism. In the early nineties Jorge realised the huge natural potential Chile had for producing great wine, and he showed what a ‘Caballo Loco’ could bring to the party: a heady cocktail of vision, drive, a total can-do attitude, and a 150% belief that making the overdue structural changes to grape growing and winemaking in Chile would realise that potential. The result is one of the great success stories of Chilean wine, Valdivieso. Jorge then went looking for a partner with whom to really explore the finer end of the spectrum of potential for making truly great wines in Chile. This is where Michel came in.

Simon Farr founded Bibendum Wine Limited in the UK in the early 80s. Bibendum has a reputation as one of the UK’s most dynamic wine merchants, and more recently as one of its most effective brand developers and builders. Simon has worked with Jorge since the early nineties, and was instrumental in developing the strategy that transformed Valdiviesointo one of the most successful Chilean wine brands. A total commitment to a consumer- and market-driven approach to the wine industry is at the centre of Simon’s vision, and these principles are at the heart of the new Michel Laroche & Jorge Coderch venture.

Katrina Muller has trained as a winemaker in both Chile and France. Having worked extensively with Michel and his team at Michel’s South of France winery, she has a comprehensive understanding of Michel’s non-interventionist philosophy and approach. As a native Chilean, Katrina is well placed to unite the two traditions and ensure Michel & Jorge’s vision is fully expressed in the wines. Katrina will work alongside Jorge’s local and international team of vine growers and winemakers.