The games of gambling and casino games such as online casino roulette are increasing in an alarming rate in all the four corners of the world, people are having enjoyment and excitement in this mode of recreation.  And as a result of it people are taking the help of the case o theme in their parties. It is the most wanted choice among the party themes. The party organizers are organizing the parties as according to the casino and gambling houses. Even the couples are choosing the casino theme in their marriage ceremony. Therefore casinos are really help to make the party simply extraordinary. PeopleRead More →

I went to study sports psychology to become a better coach, and everything that I learned in the two years I was studying, both in terms of exercise psychology and elite sport psychology, inform me that I was correct–that the best position in the world for sports psychological knowledge to be implemented onto a team and onto the players was from the coaching position. So in an ideal world, every coach would have a master’s degree in sports psychology. Right? But we don’t live in an ideal world, right? So if you see the trend in elite sport–in traditional sport–you’ll see that sport psychology trainersRead More →

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today we’re gonna be covering how to get more kills, and specifically more high kill games in Fortnite season X. So, an interesting thing about this new season, is that I really believe it’s easier than it’s been in a while to get high kill games. Definitely way easier than it was in season 9, and maybe even easier than it was before then. And We’ll definitely get into why exactly thats the case a bit later in this video. One thing I wanna make clear at the very beginning here, is that the term “highRead More →

Whether or not this is true, it seems Pokemon were worried. They rerecorded the music for the 2017 Pokemon Go Halloween…maybe pokemon bosses were trying to lift the curse. I like a board game, but you wouldn’t catch me playing with an ouiji board any time soon – that is coming in at number 4. Ouija boards are messed up! I am sure you know what they are – but for those that don’t it is a board with letters of the alphabet on it, as well as yes and no in the top corners, numbers, the word goodbye and assorted symbols and graphics surroundingRead More →

We have about 600 miles of flood channels in the whole Las Vegas valley. Two or three of the tunnels go right beneath the strip. A few go beneath the downtown area, and then the rest are just everywhere. You can see the neon lights, the 40 story tall casinos, the polished lobbies. And then right beneath that is this dark and gray world where people are just trying to survive. I go to the tunnels maybe two or three times a month, just to check on people. I started a community project called Shine A Light to try to do what I can toRead More →

We’re going to continue on the topic of the provably fair today, and what provably fair is is an opportunity for you to verify that the games are legit. Of course, at BitStarz we only have licensed casino games and licensed casino games are verified and they’re regulated by a government agency, and all of them have a random number generator. This means, of course, that we have no control over the games whatsoever and again they’re, monitored and regulated by a third party. But one thing that is really cool about the games from Softswiss is that you have the opportunity to verify thatRead More →

Hi I’m Kelly from Casino Rama Resort. Today we’re going to learn how to play roulette. So how do you play roulette? Well the first thing that you want to do is come up to a table with your cash or gaming chips and buy in at the roulette table. There are a lot of players who play this game so you need to buy in for a non value colour and that way we can distinguish who has winning bets on the table. Now you can buy in for different increments of chips: $1.00 chips, $5 chips, $25 chips $100 chips and $500 chips.Read More →

Hey everyone, I’m Matt Evans and welcome to Board Game Replay. In this series, you’re going to be joining me, along with some of my friends, just after we finished playing one of our favorite board games. We’re going to sit down for a sort of post-game discussion. We’re gonna talk about maybe strategies or mechanics, but mostly we’re going to talk about our experience with the game and… and highlight some of our favorite moments. And as some of these moments come up during our discussion, we’re going to cut away to replay clips. We’re going to go back and actually see how itRead More →

What Losing Traders Do – Multi Millionaire Trader Gives You Some Priceless Pointers Vince Stanzione has been trading futures, options and equities for around 25 years. As well as trading my own money I have traded money for banks and I have been a broker for private clients. Over the years I have been fascinated to discover the difference between winners and losers in this business. Try to learn from the points I am about to give you. 1. Many traders trade without a plan. They do not define specific risk and profit objectives before trading. Even if they establish a plan, they “second guess”Read More →

Learning the tips and tricks of the game of Keno makes it more exciting and enhance your gaming experience. Keno is a game of chance and there are no proven methods to ensure a win but implementing some of the keno tips can make the game more interesting. Manage your Bankroll. Establish a bankroll with a fixed amount of money that you can afford to bet and lose. Choose the Right Casino. Choosing where to play online keno is very crucial for players especially for the beginners. One must make sure that what the various casino offers are and how it can benefit him beforeRead More →

Lust I can’t fathom how no one notices my desperation. Primal urges are hard to conceal. I must get my hands on you. Now I am famished. Wanting. Wanton. I finally have my way with you privately, after the others have left. I won’t have them seeing me like this, so out of control and needy. You eat me up inside, all the time. Not it s my turn. I devour you. (Appetites by Trish Cook, excerpt from Graze issue 3) Nowadays, it seems like food blogs fall into either one of two categories: recipe porn or restaurant porn. I’m either looking at glamorous photos of homemadeRead More →

By now, I’ve realized that I don’t attend galas or charities to mingle and socialize. Like most media, I weave through the crowds in sub-par attire, camera in one hand, plates of food in the other. And it suits me perfectly, as I’m far more inclined to dote on food and entertainment than I am with conversation. But after several galas or so, they all start to blur together; you see the same chefs, the same sliders and ceviches, the same “young philanthropists” sauntering about in dresses shorter than their cocktail straws. You forget what charity you’re supporting, and you definitely forget what you woreRead More →

The smoky aroma of charred, griddled meat is the only thing separating my agnosticism from full-blown atheism. Even the slightest scent of carne asada or a Double Whopper sends me into an euphoria-induced fervor that somewhat resembles a mild panic attack. In fact, the only thing better than grilled meat is grilled meat enshrined between two pieces of bread. Like great women, meat sandwiches come in all shapes and sizes, but rarely do they disappoint. Last week, I was feeling hard-core rebellious and decided to try out a Philly cheesesteak at Monti’s, an off-the-beaten-path neighborhood bar near Lincoln Square. With neon window lights and redRead More →

“We don’t take ourselves very seriously,” Chef Moya of Sobremesa Supper Club tells me, smearing a dollop of whipped queso across an ivory plate. The strong aroma of pickled daikon permeates the small kitchen as I sip on the last of my carrot ginger soup, topped with a foamy coconut broth. Sporting red jeans and nursing his second bottle of Stella Artois, co-founder Efren Candelaria tells me that he used to hate pickled daikon. It’s the smell, he says. But now he pops these beige, coriander-infused slices into his mouth like kettle chips. Sobremesa Supper Club is a “vegetable-forward, Latin inspired, and locally sourced” dinner pop-up thatRead More →

René Rezepi’s A Work in Progress begins with an essay by fellow Dane Lars Ulrich of Metallica, who wrote the following in response to the question “What is Creativity?”: “René belongs to a very small group of unique creators. People who have turned their particular niches completely upside-down. Reinvented and redefined them. The Unafraid. Whether it be Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Charlie Parker, Beethoven, the Beatles, Cecil B. DeMille, Francis Ford Coppola, Quentin Tarantino, Jack Kerouac, James Joyce, Hunter S. Thompson, Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawking, Marlon Brando, the list goes on depending who’s composing it…but no matter who’s on that list, or how long it is, RenéRead More →

  Cook-offs embody two of mankind’s most beloved things: food and competition. Chicago Reader recently held its Key Ingredient Cook-Off at the Museum of Broadcast Communications, and a portion of the proceeds went to Common Threads (a.k.a. Art Smith’s charity for kids). Participating gladiators included Chris Pandel from The Bristol and Balena, Dana Cree from Blackbird, Abraham Conlon from Fat Rice, Jason Hammel from Lula Cafe, Meg Galus from NoMI, and Mark Steuer from Carriage House. These renowned chefs were asked to cook with esoteric products such as chestnut and sheep’s milk, and diners voted for their favorite dish in each ingredient category. I was personally impressed by the creativity and tastiness of these dishes: NOMI: Sheep milkRead More →