“We don’t take ourselves very seriously,” Chef Moya of Sobremesa Supper Club tells me, smearing a dollop of whipped queso across an ivory plate. The strong aroma of pickled daikon permeates the small kitchen as I sip on the last of my carrot ginger soup, topped with a foamy coconut broth. Sporting red jeans and nursing his second bottle of Stella Artois, co-founder Efren Candelaria tells me that he used to hate pickled daikon. It’s the smell, he says. But now he pops these beige, coriander-infused slices into his mouth like kettle chips. Sobremesa Supper Club is a “vegetable-forward, Latin inspired, and locally sourced” dinner pop-up thatRead More →

René Rezepi’s A Work in Progress begins with an essay by fellow Dane Lars Ulrich of Metallica, who wrote the following in response to the question “What is Creativity?”: “René belongs to a very small group of unique creators. People who have turned their particular niches completely upside-down. Reinvented and redefined them. The Unafraid. Whether it be Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Charlie Parker, Beethoven, the Beatles, Cecil B. DeMille, Francis Ford Coppola, Quentin Tarantino, Jack Kerouac, James Joyce, Hunter S. Thompson, Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawking, Marlon Brando, the list goes on depending who’s composing it…but no matter who’s on that list, or how long it is, RenéRead More →

  Cook-offs embody two of mankind’s most beloved things: food and competition. Chicago Reader recently held its Key Ingredient Cook-Off at the Museum of Broadcast Communications, and a portion of the proceeds went to Common Threads (a.k.a. Art Smith’s charity for kids). Participating gladiators included Chris Pandel from The Bristol and Balena, Dana Cree from Blackbird, Abraham Conlon from Fat Rice, Jason Hammel from Lula Cafe, Meg Galus from NoMI, and Mark Steuer from Carriage House. These renowned chefs were asked to cook with esoteric products such as chestnut and sheep’s milk, and diners voted for their favorite dish in each ingredient category. I was personally impressed by the creativity and tastiness of these dishes: NOMI: Sheep milkRead More →